Ross Lake in Washington State


I’m CJ and I’m new to the forum. I have been canoeing forever in whatever beat up canoe I have laying around. My buddy and I are looking at putting together a trip on Ross Lake with our kids. 2 45 year old guys and 2 kids (9, 13). We are thinking about a week total. How far up the lake could we realistically get? How far is realistic per day? I hear the wind is brutal in the afternoon. We are both fairly experienced with canoes but we would also be the only engines in each relatively heavily loaded canoe. Any thoughts or experience with this kind of trip on Ross Lake?



No kids
an opinion.

No canoes, kayaks. …low wind drag kayaks.

Dry suits. Ice water.

Search: Ross Lake trailer portage …

last I knew access is after a short hull portage on a trailer.

There were plans for a more open access n plans for torpedoing more open access.

Try San Juan Islands sea kayaking.

not on site ?

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online images ...

from the Highway, Ross beckons esp if you arrive before 11AM. The Lake's channel marked with tall rocky spires off to the border. Its vision sucks you into it's flow north.

for hiking first visit try:

bring light ....

the Ross collections are similar to 'sea kayak camping in Alaska'