rotomod kayaks

-- Last Updated: Dec-30-05 2:16 PM EST --

Anyone has experience with the french brand Rotomod (or RTM)?
This seems to be the only sit-on-top kayak brand that is available around here. :/

Seem to be OK
I looked into their waveskis earlier this year. They seem to be a good company, but we don’t really see their boats in the US very much. Where are you paddling?

in Greece
I’ll be paddling in Greece, but kayaking does not seem to be very popular around here, at least on the island where I live now (Corfu) as I can only find some cheap noname kayaks in the local stores… And I can find no info on the net whether there are any dealers of popular kayak brands in Athens or any major cities. I couldn’t find Greece in the dealer locator section on any of the US brands’websites I’ve been checking out… difficult :confused: