Rotomod Waveski (French)

Has anyone seen or use one of these in the USA?


stop sing!
no more boats for you! (except maybe a Booster 50) Ok fine, you can get it if it comes in pink.

Actually that boat looks like so much fun! I would love to try out that waveski!

Saw Them At Santa Cruz

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They had those at Santa Cruz. They had a strange texture on the deck. Sort of like it was rubberized. The hull seemed like hard plastic.

Not much help, but at least you know they are actually available in the USA.

I mean to find out how much they cost, but forgot to follow up. I don't see any prices on the website.

here it is in English

it’s cheap!
The lowest I saw on some British online sites was for 275 pounds which roughly translates to 514 dollars! Compared to a standard wave ski at close to a grand, that’s quite the bargain!

that’s what I am try to get at is the US $ amount for the boat. A good waveski is about a grand. If this thing is significantly cheaper, I may be interested in getting one just to try out. I don’t see myself using a waveski year round. Would be nice for the summer. :slight_smile:

Yes. White water season is just around the corner. One of the infrequent releases on a class III run in MA, the Millers, is going to happen in a couple of weeks. I plan to be there with the Chronic. :slight_smile: Looking forward to it.


PS. The storm overnight is giving us surf tomorrow and Saturday. Meeting up with NNE surf kayakers. How much more good can it get? :smiley:

Not So Cheap
That is not much less than Island’s listed prices for basic skis, and Kayak Connection had them on sale for 30% off last year.

The rotomolded might be less fragile, but they are also heavier.

Monkey Wrench Thrower!

My Bad!
I didn’t mean don’t buy a waveski, I just meant maybe you should buy an Island!

Wave skis do not count as regular boats because they are small and light and easy to store, so they do not count against the “limit”

hmm… i wasn’t aware of that loophole!
From an objective standpoint, what is more fun on a wave? A surf kayak or a wave ski? What are the differences in terms of handling, etc?

My BAD Too!
I was looking for an easy decision and you just complicated it. Why can’t we have things in black and white? Wahhhhhhh!!!

Schizo. The “hot” discussion is whether surf kayaks will ever get to the performance level of a waveski, aside from the fact that the rider’s skills probably account for far more. Waveskis definitely seem more maneuverable and can perform exciting aerial moves similar to the short board moves on sees. The development movement of High Performance (shorter) surf kayaks is to get them to the performance level of a waveski or short board. The issue is whether not only the hull design, but the deck of the surf kayak is getting in the way in terms of waterflow impeding radical movement.

The other performance difference (or adjustment) is that rolling a waveski is supposedly harder. There is no deck to drive the knees against in a hip snap. The hip alone has to work against the seat belt to roll the waveski up. I have also seen waveskiers take one leg out of the footstrap and toss it over the side of the rail for counterbalance as one would do with one arm in a hand roll or a some of the one arm greenland paddle rolls.


I tried to find out how to demo…
but nobody paid any attention to me. They put their catalogs in the goody bag you got when you registered with the Orange Bilge Sponge, it has US contacts. Ian wanted to get the h3!! out of Santa Cruz and get his Spring Break off to a better start than our Saturday Morning disaster so we did not stick around. Our 0/2 heat timing debacle sort of set off my wife’s anti-kayak nastiness to a new level. I won’t be spending bucks on signing up for a surf contest again any time soon. Be on the lookout for a Necky Jive, Mako and a Hobie Oddysey going up for sale soon.


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I hope you're not serious about putting those boats up for sale just because of that fiasco (and it definitely was)... :(

It's about the stoke and we get more of that from the informal expression sessions than from a comp. I like Santa Cruz just because it is a break in my "winter" and because I get to see my friends in the Bay area and some of the west coast surf yakkers. It's nice to compete but, truthfully, if I am looking at pure surfing I have way more fun and waves just going out with NNEsurf kayakers' group.

Ditto for you, I hope, when you get out on those dawn patrol sessions before work.


That Was a Bummer, But
I quess to be honest that type of thing is why a lot of regular surf kayakers don’t do the festival. There is alot to be said for just coming up and hanging out there

given that I haven’t even experienced the surfing stoke yet (all whitewater), I don’t even want to think about choosing between the two.

On a related note, have you seen, heard of, or tried the kayak from Building a surf kayak for $150 would be extremely tempting for me. Of course building a SOF for $300 would also be tempting for me! :slight_smile:

Bob K who frequents Qajaq/USA swears by that boat in the big waves off the PNW. Very edgey and will take a bit to get used to. Someone in our group is currently building one. We’ll see how it goes when he’s done.

Figure this… if you’re already in the process of replacing your touring boat, then you have no immediate need for a long boat. However, you do have a gap in the quiver for the surf… :wink: Surfyak – cheaper and faster to build than a SOF.


just making room to sleep in the garage

you make a good argument
… a little too good methinks. This is getting dangerous. Of course that would mean I would have 3 short boats and a long boat. Hmm… I have no woodworking talent but it would be awesome to make my own surf boat. I’ll have to give this some serious thought.

A cross between a hollow door
and an elf shoe…

Probably does not take a lot of woodworking talent…

Tired wave skis can be had for $250 bucks in CA,

$450 for decent , and $700 you could have the ski that took second place at Santa Cruz if you would have bought it a month ago.

I think I’ll wait a couple months on the surf kayak. I’ll have to take my playboat out on the surf to see if it something I want to pursue. Dang, too many kayaking disciplines to learn. River running, playboating, sea kayaking, Greenland style kayaking, surfing…

The problem is that there’s too little time to become really good at any of these. I probably have the best shot of getting good at Greenland style kayaking although it is with a paddle I am not entirely comfortable with yet.