rotomolded kayaks care of ....cover?

just bought a current designs storm gt rotomolded…is there any thing special i should to to care for it …and should i buy a cove for storage and while transporting it on top of the car …thanks stan

Covering it when storing outside
will cut down on 303 or yacht wax application. When it’s on your car, such UV protectants will be enough. I wouldn’t pay for covered parking unless you think there might be a theft issue.

It depends on where you live.
My plastic boats in Florida fade in a couple years.

Here in North Carolina they look fine after 10 or 15 years. So if I was in Florida and the boat lived on my car, I might keep it covered on the car. Here in NC the boats only live on the car 1/2 the year.

I understand that unprotected plastic boats in the Bahamas can start to become brittle in just two years of full sun.

Here is a site with the basics

Now… you should come out and paddle with the club this year? You’re in Thunder Bay right?

Cheers…Joe O’

Dallas Manufacturing Covers
available on Amazon in various sizes and affordable… I use those for outdoor storage but not for transport.

Maybe your Florida boats are catching
something from all the retirees.

No cover needed
Here’s my technical article on kayak maintenance, with some tips specifically regarding plastic boats:

You shouldn’t need a cover unless you store the boat outdoors, in direct sunlight. Most modern kayaks from major manufacturers use UV inhibitors in their plastic, to reduce fading and brittleness, so they can easily handle the usual exposure of all-day paddles and cartopping.

Enjoy your new boat!