Rough Edges

I recently purchased a Coleman Hooligan Kayak. Typically, around the cockpit of a kayak, it is either smoothed down, or has some sort of padding or protection from sharp edges. This one, does not. It kills my hands to carry it!!! Are there any suggestions as to how I could fix it so it’s not so sharp? Padding I can add to it? ANYTHING?!?!!

What color is it?

It’s the lime green one!

Mystery solved
Everybody knows lime green is the sharpest…

Obviously I don’t :slight_smile: lol.

Any suggestions?

edge guard
Car door edge guard should fix the problem. You should be able to find it at any automotive store.

Pipe insulation
Though I don’t know your boat, could a short length of pipe insulation from the hardware store work? Just slip it on & off as needed.