Rough Water Handling masters dvd cool!

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New Advanced Techniques DVD from masters paddlers called Rough Water Handling.

Two years in the making. Previews look very very good. Superb paddlers Aled Williams, Nigel Dennis, Olly Sanders (Sea Kayak Safety DVD) Nick Cunliffe (This is the Sea II & III) Trys Williams (1st Women's Level 5 BCU Coach, Expedition UK to Greece). Well organized and advanced skills shown.

WARNING: European PAL format plays on many computers and some DVD players. Make sure before ordering. Will be coming out in US version also.

Preview samples and Link:

and a link to Aled Williams "testing" one of his boats in CONDITIONS!

Link for detailed description of entire DVD

Their brief description follows
A comprehensive DVD looking at the skills needed to play in rough water, be it in tidal races, swell or surf. Some of the best coaches and paddlers around give you top advice on getting the most out of your play. The footage is shot on the world famous and challenging tidal races of Anglesey.

Chapters include: Breaking in/out, Surfing, Rough Water Manoevering, Reading Big Water, Close Quartering, Crossing Current, Forward Speed, Edging and Leaning.

Good Video/Warning
I have a copy of this video and it is very meaty. The segments are broken up into topics and intended to be viewed piecemeal with practice in between. It is definitely geared toward paddling in conditions. I’ve seen the video nitpicked, but in my mind it really fills a gap between flat water instructional videos and the Paddle porn type videos.

The production quality is not on par with TITS or Horizons, or even many of the other instructional discs - but the substance is strong.

WARNING - unless something is changed, you have to have a British/European format DVD player to play the disc. Confirm before you order if you don’t have one.

Is this DVD different from this DVD?

different DVD, same producer
Olly Saunders, (Welsh Coach) produced both DVDs. This is the second one, Took him two years. He vows never again.

Good previews
Nice previews. I’ll definitely be picking this one up when it comes out in the U.S. DVD format

Brent, I want this vid from Pnet please.