Rough Water/ surf boat

looking to add a rough water playboat to the arsenal… Paddle the Great Lakes and NE coast mostly. Dayboat only…Dont need tripping capability, I have a Solstice for that…

I weigh 185, 6’0"

Kinda leaning to a Romany Explorer, Valley Pintail, or maybe a Nigel Foster boat from Seaward?


The Nordkapp LV.
Would fit into your short list, also the Anas Acuta.

how about someting completely different?
my Rockhopper is on its way to me right now…

your thougts of your rough water/surf boat are pretty much the same as mine…so i searched it out… my new one…

plastic…i did also order the stainless steel fins…

i was looking for a shorter fun boat that i can be comfortable taking out in ‘conditions’ or taking to the beach for surf or out into a tidal rip…being plastic i have no qualms about it going into a rockgarden…

i have spoken to possibly ever owner of one in the UK (where they are available) for their thoughts…i know of one paddler who routinely takes his two on trips with other paddlers being in quests alaws etc…he has taken them up to 20km trips with out worry…

but…that being said-i am awaiting mine to so will not be saying anything about build quality or paddling experience just yet about it…next week that will happen!!!


My Foster Shadow by Seaward
handles the rough stuff beautifully and surfs extremely well.

Romany Surf
The Romany makes an excelent day/play and surf boat. The new Romany Surf should be at dealers this Spring.

Cool looking boats!
That’s more like it. I’d like to play with one of those.

for the tips, gang.

where you at???
it is coming to RI…