rough water symposium-mikco

hosted by maine island kayak company-----does anyone know the dates for 2011—ive called and emailed but no results----thanks

Wondering same
I haven’t talked to Tom, but I was recently wondering if it is going to happen this year. I’d think registration would be underway with just 3-4 months to go.

If you get an answer, please post here. I’d like to know if it’s happening.

RWS race team
we’re all thinking about it as well!

every year we hem & haw over the event and make up our minds relatively late in the game…over the last few i’ve come to better understand that coordinating and putting on a symposium is a tremendous amount of work and worry! while we’ve worked out a lot of kinks, each year poses it’s own problems - setting the date & time to the best tides and then hope for a little “weather”, the personal time commitment from the many volunteers, coaches and guides let alone the logistics and thousand details that need to go into the sauce before anything happens.

as soon as Tom gets back from GGSKS we’ll have the go/no go discussion and post asap!

RWS has the season off but MIKCO is offering a smaller series of classes at some of the livelier places along the coast!

link below.