Round Lake NY access-next to LTL Whitney

I may do a paddle trip into the ADKs in October and was wondering if the lands around Round Lake (accessible via Little Tupper Lake) are OK to camp on overnight yet. Legality, attractiveness, recommended locations and exploring info (hiking from shore?) greatly appreciated.

I’ve been on several places on LTL including up to Rock Pond and the portage to Lila. Looking for someplace new.

TNC IP lands

Earlier this month I e-mailed TNC inquiring about public access to the Round/Bog Lakes tract.Their reply indicates “they’re still in process of transferring them to NYS which should hopefully occur before end of yr. Until then they are not open to public” They stated they’d just recently retired the last of the recreational leases which granted former lease holders exclusive us of lakes.

Pataki & DEC officials say deal is in lawyers hands.

That is what I thought
But…I hear people are going there.

Glen - Solo canoe follow up
Glen - on the hope that you look into this thread again, I have a request. I was looking for your input on solo canoe recommendations (see page 2 of Advice section). I e-mailed you directly but it may be a bad address.

Happy for input from others too. One additional thought is that I really appreciate the low center of gravity with the kayak and have no problem with the sitting position (i.e leg or back strain). The low seats on the Placid boatworks (Spitfire or Rapidfire) seem to be a real plus over Bell’s boats unless it makes it hard to reach to get the double blade over the gunnels. Can Bell’s Magic be modified or ordered with an equally low seat? Happy Paddling!!