Rowing boats forum?

As far as I can tell, no one has asked this question in quite a long time.

Is there a comparable forum for traditional rowing craft - dories, drifters, harbor tenders and the like?

I’ve not found one specific to rowing boats just traditional craft. I enjoy my little rowboats even did a camping trip out of one.

If you find a forum please share it.

Do tell a bit about that pretty little blue boat! :laughing:

Along with racing canoes, I’m an avid guideboater and there are a few of us around here. I blur the lines a bit as the 2 person configuration has the stern person using a paddle and mostly I get a pass here but maybe they are just humoring me…

Seriously tho, much of the paddling world crosses over into self propelled craft

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No longer with us. Domain for sale.

Shame, I am currently mid-build on a Chesapeake Light Craft Expedition Wherry. Maybe we need a subforum for “other” human powered watercraft?

Their Chester Yawl is a lovely thing too.

I row 2 of my small sailboats when the wind drops, but they aren’t rowboats.

Here are two row boats that I have been admiring. The RowCruiser is the one that really interest me.

Expedition Rowboat you can build from plans or a kit - Angus Rowboats

The RowCruiser with Colin Angus - Designed for the Race to Alaska (R2AK) - YouTube

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I totally agree. Everytime I see one, I kinda regret building the expedition wherry. The Chester Yawl is a boat I can just sit there and stare at. It is just that pretty.

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My wife and I built it at the Maritime Museum in Calvert, Md. It is just a plain little skiff, but its simplicity is part of the charm.


Incidentally that site has a forum, open to all rowing craft

The Chesapeake Light Craft site also has a forum but is geared mostly toward building