rowing my Disco 133???

Hi all, New to the board, I’ve been lurking to my amusement and edification. I got a screaming deal on an OT Disco 133 “row” model. Took her down MO’s Eleven Point River for her maiden voyage and loved every minute of it. Great initial and secondary stability, and a great little “poor man’s drift boat” which is what I had in mind with the purchase. I love my ‘toon for fishing solo, but this rig let’s me bring my pretty fishing partner.

However, I haven’t rowed it yet. I brought along my 7’ ’toon oars and open oar locks, but it was instantly obvious this wouldn’t work. The oar stops and something about the geometry of the boat and/or locks would create some horrible leverage on the gunwales and wouldn’t work at all. I think the pivot point was just way to high off the water. Additionally, because the distance between oar locks is so much narrower on the canoe the ’toon, I would have had to adjust the oar sleeves and stops or have the oars crossing in front of me. I was doing this all streamside (bought the boat that morning, this was a road trip) and I didn’t have the tools with me to attach the clamp on oar locks supplied with the boat, so… we just paddled.

Questions: I have a lot of rowing and WW experience in ‘toons/rafts/drift boats. Will the plastic gunwales and oarlocks be able to take some hard rowing in current? Is the narrower spread between oars a serious mechanical disadvantage? Is there an optimum oar length you’d recommend (I’ve got 7’ oars and am worried the 4-5” I’ll have to move them out to allow for the narrower hull will make for awkward rowing) or should I just spring for one of the Spring Creek rowing attachments? Sorry for the long post. Thanks in advance for any replies!

Don’t think many on the fishing forum
row. You may get better results on the advice forum.

Rowing is the bomb for fishing
Rowing is great for fishing. The wind is rarely a problem and if you have the right oar locks, then you just let go of the oars and fish. when you ready to row the oars are still in an easy position to grab. Also rowing is great for trolling.