Rowing Station - Phase 3

Phase 1 crapped out on about the fifth stroke. Nevertheless, it was too low, the oars were too short, and the back was in too relaxed of a position. Still, I rowed it about two miles.

Phase 2 I couldn’t even do the first return stroke because I got the seat too high. However, the back was nice and upright and the longer oars seemed more appropriate on the one power stroke I was able to make.

Phase 3, I am using the same upright swivel seat, I had to return the longer oars to the person who loaned them to me but I’ve found some affordable oars of the right length. I’ve lowered the seat about six inches, which is what I needed to do to be able to do a return stroke and not be forced to make the oar pass through my leg (which physics, being the way that it is, prevented). A few more finishing touches and I’ll have this out on the water. Hopefully this time, it’ll all come together. I’m going to go over my $50 budget to get the oars, but the rowing station itself is well under budget. Two pieces of wood (cull lumber at $0.51 each), four “L” brackets at $1.21 each, four 6" bolts and miscellaneous hardware at about $4.00 total, two “L” type oar seats at $9, folding swivel seat on sale at $9, oar clamps (already had them, so no additional cost). Total cost, sans oars, is just over $25 and a lot of frustration.

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Pictures? Measurements?

No pictures yet
My measurements are 46, 40, “you need to lose some weight”.

When it works I’ll take some pictures and put them up. Hopefully to include fish caught from this boat.

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Good deal, I’ll not give out my
measurements, though paddling and fishing two to three days a week this summer has reduced them.

You’d like my bike jersey
It’s got a cartoon picture of a guy eating a sub (hoagie, po’ boy, whatever you call them down your way) while riding and the legend, “Old Guys Who Get Fat in Winter Riding Team”. The imaginary sponsor advertised on the sleeve is “The Spare Tire Club”.

Sadly, though the jersey is an XL, it doesn’t fit me. Irony at its finest.

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XXL here too. We call 'em subs, hoagies
po boys, etc. No settled name. There’s a place in Ruston, Louisiana that sells Caju po boys, I’m not much of a crayfish eater, so haven’t tried those, but ummmm, that roast beef sandwich.