Royalex aging properties

I know this has been covered here recently, but I can’t seem to find it with the search feature.

What are the effects of aging and weathering on royalex - and how does that relate to longevity?

I have had 2 buffalo canoes over the last 14 years, and had trouble with the first boat skin after 1000, and 1500 miles, and no trouble with our current boat at 700 miles, i keep a log of our trips. I use a product called 303 from 3M , it keeps the plastic waxed and protects against UV degredation. we have drug this boat, loaded for 3,4,& 5 day trips, through some of Missouri’s toughest gravel bars. When you start to see the white layer under the outer plastic color layer, you can go to O’Reilly’s and get some (i think its PVC paint, will have to check) paint and retouch the bottom and your good to go. Don;t go through that white layer or you will be into the foam core of the royalex. All in all its a tough material that needs little care, Cleaning, & waxing, Hope this helped. George

Take care of it and it’ll…

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...take care of you.

I've yet to buy a brand new boat; two of mine are royalex canoes, one of which is over 20 years old. The oldest one was always stored inside and was babied by it's previous owner. There were maybe 1 or 2 scratches on it when I took ownership. Aside from the dings I've managed to put in it, it still looks danged near brand new after a good coat of 303.

Royalex can become brittle with age, but I'm convinced a large part of that is from UV/sun exposure. Does this mean you should worry about paddling it on sunny days? No, but storing it indoors or at least out of the sun and applying 303 every once in a while will go a long way.

BTW, 303 isn't made by 3M, it's made by "303 Products, Inc."


Me’ trusty Old Town Tripper
be 28 years old an’ still goin’ strong… Stored in de shade.


…and da whiskey protects the foam
from water degradation.