royalex and glue choice

Made a kneeling pad for the new canoe.after i set up a middle kneeling seat for solo paddling

.not sure about if glueing the kneeling pad

in place is the best rout. if so what is safe to use on the inside of a royalex canoe?

sure about

If the surface of your pad is pretty smooth, 3M 2 sided VHB tape works very well. Pads stay inplace for several seasons, but you can remove them fairly easily if you want to.

Weldwood and other contact cements
work well. I have sometimes used the peel-and-stick pads, but they are expensive.

Kneeling pad…
I’ve sent you a private email with my 2 cents Mike.

Don’t get into too big a hurry making your decision.


I wouldn’t glue it
For a plain old kneeling pad, I’d skip the glue. I install a few rows of non-skid bathroom strips on the floor of the boat, and the kneeling pad won’t budge. I tried this method after getting the suggestion several years ago from Clarion. The first time I did this I used exterior grip strips that are used on concrete floors and stairs. They were so abrasive I had to “break them in” before installing them (grabbing both ends of the strip and using it to try to “saw through” a piece of angle iron takes the extreme roughness away). Interior strips aren’t so coarse, and are easier to remove if necessary too.