Royalex Bell Wildfire model year(s)

What year(s) was the royalex Wildfire built, before it was renamed the Yellowstone Solo?

I’m finally going to register my royalex Wildfire that I bought in April 2006 from a guy that said it was two years old, purchased from Galyan’s before they were bought by Dick’s, but it doesn’t have an HID.

So far, I haven’t gotten a response from Bell regarding the model year and haven’t received a made-up HIN plate from them that they told me last week via phone that they would mail to me. This week, the people that would have the info are apparently out of the office.


Just tell them Blagojevich traded it to
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I tried that.
They took away my passport and won’t let me leave the country.

Hard tp say for sure…
However, from my experience working there the bulk of Royalex Wildfires delivered to Galyans were manufactured in 2003-2004. Most likely a true statement from the party you purchased it from.