Royalex Canoe Question

I’ve owned a Royalex Old Town Penobscot 17’ canoe for about 10 years now. I just pulled it out of dry storage (upside down in basement crawl space on homemade rack) and noticed something my old man brain can’t remember if it was there before or not.

There are faint lines in the inside of the canoe that match where the thwarts are installed. These are slightly raised and noticeable in certain light. Is this standard no worries stuff or a symptom of something more concerning?

Images below.

Probably nothing to worry about.

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It is normal. Most Royalex canoe hulls are not formed from sheet of uniform thickness. The canoe manufacturers could customize the sheet they ordered to vary the thickness. Sheet thickness was typically thickest at the stems and often at the paddling station(s) and thinner elsewhere. This was done to save weight.