Royalex Canoe Repairs

I used to repair the bottoms of my snow skiis with a p-tex candle. Would this work to repair scratches in the bottom of a Royalex canoe?

Is the outer layer cut or is it
a scratch? I have used Shoo Goo on deep gouges and it is holding after 2 yrs. For more serious repairs, get a Royalex kit.

Fix it with
J-B Weld

i second …
W & B weld epoxy

This isn’t repair, it’s elective plastic
surgery. You don’t need to do anything about the scratches unless the ABS is showing through the vinyl.

While I have not yet done this, I understand that the same epoxy resin used to glue on the familiar kevlar skid plates can be used for a light coating on the bottom of a royalex boat to help prevent the gouges. Traditional epoxy resins would add too much weight (or so I’m told)… I HAVE used epoxy to fill in gouges and rubs that went into the ABS… it seems to work fine.

Mad River site
Check the Mad River canoe site for an in-depth discussion of Royalex repair.


Royalex repairs
Thanks for the tips. I have consulted the Mad River Page and used the repair kit. The repairs were somewhat less than satisfactory. It also took over two months to get a couple of cans of red royalex paint from Mad River to cover up the black spots. You’re also correct that it is merely cosmetic surgery. I just thought things would be a little prettier and perhaps a little better glide. I’m sure it’s just vanity.