Royalex damage?

image I just got this Old Town Camper LL Bean and from my understanding all campers are Royalex.

There are a few spots that were worn up against a dock and another damaged area that I’m wondering about repairing.

Does this look like Royalex and does it look like
it’s gone to the core?

Picture could be larger, but from what I can see yes looks like RX and that would be the inner material.

Thanks. Here’s another photo of an area that appears to be worn even further. Makes me wonder if the first photo is just through the vinyl.

Either way I’m thinking of patching with G Flex as that seems to be the consensus on the best way to deal with this kind of thing.

G-Flex will do the trick along with some fiberglass cloth.

May as well put on skid pads as well since it needs them, and you’ll be working in that area anyways.

Yea I was thinking that. The photo is deceptive that little hole is only about 2 inches long but skid plates seem like a good idea anyway. Do you suggest doing my own with fiberglass or buying prepare Kevlar?

It’s prettier if you make them with fiberglass cloth. However on plastic boats I use in shallow, rocky bottom rivers I often use cotton felt. I learned the trick from watching what some of the canoe liveries do down here in Texas where an Old Town Discovery can get trashed in a years use just from dragging it down the river. It really soaks up the G-Flex and makes a durable skid plate that is fairly economical vs kevlar cloth AND it come in colors… Its just as ugly as kevlar and it lasts about the same amount of time. Plus its fun going to Hobby Lobby to get a yard of green felt and the lady will ask what I am making and you tell her a canoe and they look at you funny.