Royalex in the cold?

My paddling group uses kayaks for toboggins in the winter-lots of fun.They are the tupperware plastic kind.I have thought of using my royelex canoe,but don’t want to wreck it.What do you think?


Have fun

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I do.

My son aaron does too

Just don’t hit anything head on at speed
The ABS in Royalex gradually gets somewhat brittle with age. A friend was sliding his Mad River ME down a steep slope when it got away from him and hit a tree trunk, hard. The stem split with a jagged contour that testified to the ABS having become somewhat brittle. The boat was about 20 years old.

Screw the royalex
Hitting large immobile objects is painful. The royalex will tolerate it better than you.

Don’t know if all canoes will, but the Encore carves far better than a toboggan.

OTOH, my jammed thumb is still weak and my knee still sore from my two capsizes while running downhill to the Patapsco. The canoe is fine.


P.S. “rocks are an issue”

Would you use a toboggin for
canoeing ?

Why not buy a tabogging and keep the canoe for what it was meant for.



Crack me up
My first Royalex canoe, way back when, was used for a sled. 8 or 9 of us teenagers would fly down the hill, out of control. Then we would pull it back up (it took 8 or 9), flip it over by the fire and sit on it until the next run. The whole exterior shattered. I could still paddle it but I never sledded on it again. Why pull a 60 lb sled up a hill anyway?

I have lots of sleds and toboggins.My paddle group does winter things during the cold months and it’s fun to keep a paddling theme. We steer with paddles and I use a paddle for a staff when snowshoeing for fun.


Hope they are el cheapo boats and