Royalex is dull

-- Last Updated: Jun-28-11 4:40 PM EST --

Looking for advice with a 18 year old Old Town Royalex canoe. Its a green Penobscot that I have thouroughly cleaned with Murpyhys Oil Soap. Now that the boat is clean what can I use to bring back the new boat shine it once had in its glory days? I tried Armor All with no luck. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

I’m guessing this boat spent some time in the sun. 303 will help a little but probably not much. I suggest just paddling it and keep old war stories handy for those that ask.

Ryan L.

Royalex does not shine like a gelcoated
FG canoe, even when the Royalex is brand new.

I don’t know about Murphy’s soap, but the surface of Royalex is vinyl, and if you want the best result, choose products that clean and shine vinyl.

Try some marine wax
West Marine stores carries it.

It might work and it might not

Jack L

Spray Paint
it does work, just fine. one quick thoughtless coat. Cheaper than 303 and longer lasting.

Somebody years ago here suggested
"buffing in" 303 with a wool bonnet on an orbital buffer/grinder. I’ve never tried it, and 303 appears to wash off right quick, so it seems like a lot of trouble.

My green Penob 17 is about as old as yours and, though I do 303 it a couple times a season, I’ve decided that the faded look is entirely appropriate for a well-loved boat.

Nu Vinyl
I’ve not tried it on Royalex, but I remember Nu Vinyl working really well for convertible car tops. It couldn’t hurt.