Royalex or Fiberglass and Repair

I picked up this Old Town Pack. At first I thought it was royalex but this looks like fiberglass correct? A simple skid plate should do the trick? I also have a nail sized puncture I need to fix just below water line under the seat, any suggestions?

It is Royalex and has abraded through the outer green vinyl layer into and through the outer solid ABS layer and on into the central foam core. It looks as if someone has attempted a half-hearted repair of sorts by applying some type of putty or other goop (the darker brown stuff.

It can be repaired but will require some effort. I would first remove any loose fragments of solid ABS and any of the brown stuff that is not very firmly bonded to the hull. The voids in the foam core and outer solid ABS layer can be filled in with West System G Flex epoxy which can be sanded fair and smooth after it cures. Once the foam core has been covered and the hull built back up to its original contour using G Flex, you can cover the entire area with an abrasion plate.

For an abrasion plate I would recommend either 5 ounce/square yard plain weave Dynel fabric or 6 oz/sq. yd. plain weave fiberglass (S 'glass preferred to E 'glass) bonded on with G Flex epoxy. You can also repair the puncture with G Flex.

Thank you PBlanc! I had been confused with all the options and methods of repair and your reply gives a good clear instructions.