Royalex paint repair

I purchased eggplant colored paint (from Wenonah) specific to my royalex Wenonah Adirondak canoe about a year ago. I read in some previous post that paint purchased from Wenonah for royalex is a special vinyl paint. I don’t read vinyl anywhere on the can or anything to indicate that it is special paint other than it is packaged for Wenonah by RABBE Corp. I’m now just getting around to touching up the stems where the white underlayer is showing through (no deep gouges, just the surface has been abraded). Do I just start spraying or do I need to sand and prime first? And if so, is a “special” primer needed? Comments appreciated.

I sand off the rough or any glossy spots then wipe down well with alchohol as Mike says. Then mask around the repair area (I use a split open black plastic garbage bag cause its cheap and handy). You can use tape to lay out a nice neat looking shape for your painted area. Maybe even get fancy.

I use fusion paint and it seems to hold very well. The stuff you got from Wenonah will probably be a real good color match and hold well also.

Good luck. Nobody will notice it but you.