Royalex Repair Kit on Tuffweave

I picked up a used Itasca with worn stems. I was wondering if I could use an old Royalex Repair Kit (by Voyageur) that’s been sitting on a shelf for 10 years. Will the resin/hardener (if still good) adhere to Tufweave? I have fiberglass to cover the worn areas. Its worn through one layer of fiberglass.

Better to start with fresh glass and
epoxy. Glass has a coating that deteriorates with exposure to humidity. Old resin? I don’t know. I’ve used West Epoxy that was five years old, and it hardened OK, but was a dark red color and thicker.

Your glass might need to be bias cut, cut at 45 degrees to the axis of the fibers, to mold easily to the contours of the stem. Largest patch first, then concentrically smaller. Food wrap film taped over to get a smoother result. Then sand any edges to taste.

Went with Marine tex
I found some Marine tex laying around the garage so I gave it a try. It seems to have adhered well so now I just need to cover it (see my latest post). Thanks for the advice.