Royalex repair re-visited

Read recent thread re repair of torn royalex but my problem isn’t so severe.

Despite skid plates lots of hard use has worn through the outer layer of my OT Penbscot (Oltnar ?) layup. There’s a few sq. inches of the next, blue-colored layer peeking thru imm forward of rear skid plate. Also other wear spots appearing along centerline. Have heard UV will degrade layup if inner layers are exposed.

Looking for some repair ideas, ideally easy, inexpensive (paint on ?)ones ???

Haven’t checked w/ OT as yet, thinking I’d first tap collective wisdom here.

Much appreciate any advice.Thanx

You can find your favorite paint shade
and keep repainting the bare patch. Otherwise I would recommend a thin three-layer patch of glass cloth and epoxy, largest patch first, then concentrically down to the smallest. Bag with food wrap and tape for a smooth, thin result.

Of course you could just put on more Kevlar felt skid plate kit. But that will be thicker, and also will not slide over rocks as well. And glass/epoxy is quite strong for exterior patches, better than Kevlar cloth for compression forces.

Krylon Fusion
Krylon’s Fusion paint has worked very well on the three boats I’ve used it on. I’m using for repairs in high wear areas, sometimes over epoxy glue or putty and sometimes just over the ABS material. You just clean the area , wipe it down with alcohol and mask it off. The paint dries for recoat in 15 minutes so you can get 5 coats on in a couple of hours easy. The paint film has been very resistant to chipping off (I’ve noted one little chip off on the edge of a repair) and has worn as well as the original vinyl in terms of abrasion.

Good luck

OT Putty
Glen I used the putty available from Old Town and their matching spray paint on several half dollar sized worn spots on my OT camper about 3 yrs. ago and it has held up very well. If you use it get the putty as smooth as possible because it is very hard to sand when it sets.