royalex repair

I have a pretty new royalex penobscot which now has a fingernail size cut in the outer vinyl. When looking at the cut I see a white layer now. Is this the foam core of the boat? What is the best method of repairing this.? Thanks for any ideas

You only need to protect the core from sunlight. A quick dab of paint will be fine.

Epoxy sticks, so if your cut was deep enough to be a hole, then epoxy and a bit of fiberglass.

That’s not the foam core, it’s the outer
of the two structural layers of ABS. The foam is between those layers.

If the gouge through the vinyl is in a location where routine boat bottom scraping tends to remove spray paint, then you can put in a little epoxy and level it. A better solution is 3M two part Structural Adhesive, a urethane glue. I filled a long, deep scratch through the vinyl with the 3M product at least five years ago, and that stuff has stayed in the scratch ever since. Epoxy might have given out due to UV exposure.