Royalex Stored Outside?

I am looking at a Royalex canoe that has stored a number of years outside. Owner states that it’s been under a tarp. Are there any ill effects of it being under a tarp? The bottom looks clean but I thought I read that keeping a tarp over it is a bad idea.

mold sometimes
A tarp over a Royalex boat will sometimes result in a lot of mold and mildew. If it doesn’t have any, I don’t think there should be a problem.

Hmm…my OT Penobscot has been sitting outside uncovered for at least 20 years give or take. The crappy green color has faded just a bit but it seems like it’s none the worse for it. We have used it quite a bit over the years including a run down the Penobscot and Allagash earlier this year.

I have never treated it with anything…

You should be more worried about any abrasion, especially under the bow and stern.