Royalex vs Triple tough

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What is the differnce between Mad River's TT and Royalex? Can d rings be glued to the TT like you do with Royalex?

Not to last. None of the WW poly boats
(there have been several) has thigh strap attachments to the inner hull surface. Tell us what you want to tie in with the d-rings and maybe we can help.

Royalex Is Better IMHO, But…
…I own a Mad River 14TT and am happy with it. Royalex is more prone to oil canning than poly, but poly more prone to warping, especially if you leave it outdoors. Royalex is typically about 10+ lbs lighter than a poly boat the same size. Can’t glue things to poly like you can royalex, and repair is more difficult. Poly is cheaper, and pretty tough, so they’ve become a “Staple” for canoe liveries. I own a Mad River 14TT (also owned one when the boat was called the St. Croix). I use mine for tandem day trips and solo overnights and day trips on Ozark streams. It’s an excellent boat for this use. I wish Mad River made this particular hull in royalex, but they don’t. The poly will hold up for years on shallow rocky streams and take more abuse than a comparable royalex boat, but as I said, I prefer royalex. Hope that helps. WW


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Have you ever had that boat in any class II or III WW? I am looking at one for poling and running class II-III.I was looking at the 16 footer.

Mad River TT’s

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I think SHORT runs of class III would be fine, the Explorer design is built for river running. There's one paddler here, Scates, that used his 14TT on whitewater quite a bit, and his didn't hold up well. He ended up buying a Wenonah Prospector for his river running. The one's I've owned held up, with a small ammt of hull deformity after a few years. I think the 16 footer would be more prone to warping, due to it's size. IMHO. I wouldn't buy one due to the weight. That thing would be a beast to carry! If I were wanting the 16 foot version, I'd get the royalex Explorer ( I DO have one of those). You can probably find a good used one for about the same price as the 16TT. And as for your question, I've only paddled mine on class I-II, but years ago I DID paddle a royalex Explorer in some short class III's in MN. WW

I can get a brand new 16TT for 499.00 and I cant seem to find any used ones around here.I figured for 499.99 I could throw it away after a few years use.

The problem is that I just ordered a brand new Yellowstone solo with wood trim and I also want a poling boat for some light WW and my wife would kill me If I spent to much on another canoe.I may just keep my eyes open for a used Royalex boat.

I have been experimenting
Gorilla Glue and the Elmers Polyurethane glue for gluing d-rings down. I stuck some in my Royalex Mad River WW boat and on my daughter’s poly kayak. They both require moisture to cure and so far they are working fine. Both say that they will glue to either vinyl or poly so either should work on the Mad River.

Most of the poly
boats in rental fleets are Old Town Discoverys, which are repairable because the poly is covered by vinyl. The Mad River TT material is not as durable in commercial use. OT is also making an injection molded poly to replace the Discovery line but to date I have not encountered a livery using them. For normal recreational use the TT material should be just fine, but the boat itself does not seem to be much of a river runner, I have seen them in action on class I water and I was not impressed (the poor guy came out of the rapid with the boat half full of water fighting to keep it from turning over). I doubt that I would want to risk it on a Class II or III. The boat is simply not designed for it. Its made as an entry level recreation canoe, a purpose in which I’m sure it performs wonderfully.

Mad River 14 TT
I have one which I have used on class 1 & 11 without any problems. The bottom of the hull is fairly well scratched but considering the rocks it has run over I reckon it’s holding up fairly well so far. This canoe works well for both solo and tandem and I find it to be very stable. I have had my wife and Dalmatian in it with me a few times and we haven’t been for a swim yet. The vinyl IQ2 gunwale system is handy for holding your gear in position. I have made 4 bolt ropes with D-rings 8 inches apart which I slide into the slot in the IQ2 gunwale. One is about 5 feet long which goes to the bow and the other 2 ½ feet long goes to the stern, I then lace shock-cord through the D-rings from one side of the hull to the other. I haven’t worried about glueing D- rings anywhere inside the hull because I just don’t have the need for them.

I agree with Terry that it would be good if Mad River made this canoe in Royalex but I’m quite happy with it in Triple Tuff.