Roylex OT Discovery?

Anybody know if Old Town ever made a Discovery 169 in Roylex? Looking at a 89’ that is claimed to be Roylex and looks like Roylex but I never heard of this model being made in this material?

Question about roto-molding

– Last Updated: Sep-03-10 10:15 PM EST –

So, some of you guys are saying the Disco models are roto-molded. I understand how basic roto-molding works for kayaks, where plastic pellets inside a hollow mold melt and then coat the entire inside of the mold as it rotates and tips, shaping the entire outer surface of the boat. But how do you roto-mold a canoe? Does it come out of the mold with a complete "top deck" that gets chopped off to turn it into a "canoe"?

Oh yeah, I should point out that I can see how SOME so-called canoes are roto-molded: The ones that are one-piece plastic with curled-over gunwales like that monstrosity produced by Mad River, but I'm not so sure about "real" canoes like the Disco.