RPC3 Wing Paddles

Interested to know if anyone has any experience with this company and their products. They are moderately priced and light. I ordered one of their wing paddles and am anxious to see how it holds up.

I had one. After a few uses one blade came loose. I called them and had a replacement in a couple of days. They paid for the return of the original. Had no problems with the replacement.

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Thanks for sharing that experience.
If I can ask, how do you feel the paddle performs? If you’ve had experience with other brands of wing paddles, was the performance comparable?

I did not like the wing. It was the only one I tried. I sold it to a friend who does. My joints couldn’t take the stress of the wing. I now use a wind paddle that has long narrow blades . It gets me where I want to go without Arthur getting too excited.

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