rubber bumpers for tie down straps

Need to order some more straps and was looking for the ones with the rubber bumpers that NRS used to sell? Seem to have dropped off the face of the earth. The only thing I can find is the ones with the vinyl patch under them. Any suggestions where I could find some?


You mean
A short strap with a rubber donut at the end? I just got two pairs from Blue Mountain Outfitters. Give them a call 717-957-2413.

just looking for the rubber piece

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that slips over the end of the cam buckle so you can throw your strap over the car and it bounces off the window instead of making a nice tinkling sound...

I will call them later on and see if it is the same thing. thanks


I’m pretty sure you can get just the rubber bits separate from the straps at NRS.

thats what I thought
will call them at noon which is 9 am pacific. Can’t find them anywhere on line or in their catalog though so was wondering if they were discontinued and why



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I thought you were looking for under-the-hood tie straps. Check out this place. You may have to buy the whole strap with the bumper.
Also, check this place for bumpers only:

What did you find out from NRS? I noticed that the bumper straps were no longer advertised too.

Thule straps seem to come with rubber covers. The covers have a separate part number, so you should be able to order them. Thule Buckle Bumper p/n 853-5593

Check with

– Last Updated: Sep-30-07 11:54 AM EST – . The make them to order and you can choose the rubber coated buckle or nylon pad or both. Their nylon pad is larger that most. I have had no marring of my hulls by the way using his nylon padded ones.

NRS still sells the rubber covered buckle straps,in fact I got a set of 9' ones when I renewed my Paddlin Perks last year and they were in the last catalog I received.

Wish I had known that
I have thrown at least six of them away.

I don’t like them.

All they do is get in the way.



Hey Paul,
If you don’t get the private e-mail I sent you, please let me know.



Why not…
throw the end without the buckle?

got it and replied thanks! NM

just called NRS
they don’t have them anymore. said something about patent issues…


Yakima sells them nm