Rudder adjustment?

Acquired a new kayak with a rudder. How do you adjust the rudder? When I push, the pedal occasionally came off. I was told I over tightened the cables. I was told during winter and now it’s summer, so… I did loosen them but haven’t tried it yet. Any advice is appreciated as I haven’t a clue.

What boat and what rudder ?
if you want help you need to give more info

jack L

…if the pedal is coming off …it can be only a couple of things wrong in my opinion …1) the pedal is not “locked” into the rack properly …2) something is stripped or broken in the pedal and/or rack. As far as the rudder adjustment goes, loosen the cables,see how far the rudder will swing side-to-side, I doubt you would want the rudder to turn more than 45 degrees from straight…it’ll act as a brake if it turns too much… Play with the cable adjustment/rudder turn to suit yourself. Don’t forget to adjust the pedals 1st…to suit your leg length, then adjust rudder cables from that point on. on my rudder pedals …As 1 foot pushes down …the other foot rises the same amount. kinda like lifting off the gas pedal while pushing the clutch pedal in. good luck

Nomad by Dimension, 16’5". I think the rudder is by Harmony.

This one?

Are you talking about the pedals moving/the rudder coming off from the center locked position? That’s a bad flaw of this kind of system with the sliding pedals on rails.

Also, I think the sliding part can come off the ends if the rails are too short for your legs, but I would be surprized if that is what’s happening. You might be able to install a stop-screw or something of this kind to prevent the rail or the pedal from sliding out during use of the rudder to turn (as opposed to when not using the rudder at all). But if the actual pedal is moving against the sliding part, then there is likely something wrong with it or the rail and you might need to replace it or clean it so the little locking mechanism on the pedal can click in the rail.

You would ultimately want to replace the sliding rail system with a toe control version such as these made by SmartTrack (you can keep the rest of your setup if you like). Much better for controlling the boat and when you push against the pedals it does not stress the cables and other rudder parts if you do not use the rudder (in the up and locked position), unlike your current setup.

Take it to quiet waters and try it.
There’s a certain amount of trial and error with something like a rudder assembly. And you have to study it until you see the interplay of tension, pedal motion, and rudder movement.

How long is your new kayak? Maybe to avoid delay in getting started, you could lock the rudder in the “up” position and get used to controlling the hull without a rudder. That’s as important a skill as using the rudder, or maybe more so.

Do that
Have two rudderless, skegless boats that I have no trouble controlling… However the hi tec one I’ve acquired is new to me. I’ve tried cleaning the pedals(took them off). One keeps flipping off the track…???