Rudder cable crimp ?

Hey, my buddy bought a Zoar Sport LV and the rudder wire at the foot pedal came out from the crimp. Does anyone know how to re-crimp them?



Get something like this…

Nicro press ovals

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stop by a sailing shop and ask for the smallest Nicro press ovals they have (that's the common name for the double channel fittings commonly used to make wire loops). Should cost you $.30. Squeeze tight with a pair of vicegrips, and you'll be in business.

Thank you for the helpful info. That should do it.

Get it done properly
Swaging Nicopress fittings with Vise Grips is a hack job that won’t give you anywhere near the strength of having it done with the right tool. It doesn’t make sense to skimp on equipment repairs that can affect your safety. Get it done right or you may end up regretting it.

Most rudder cables I’ve seen are 3/32”. The sleeve must be the right size. Crimped properly it is stronger than the cable. Done wrong and it won’t hold up for long. The standard Nicopress tool looks like a bolt cutter and costs quite a lot. You can get a small tool from most marine supplies, made up of 2 notched metal bars, drawn together by a pair of bolts.

You may also be able to…
…bring the boat to the store and use the tool they use for making cables. Many marine suppliers make cables for customers and have the necessary tools.

You could also try a Crosby wire rope
clip. Not as pretty as a Nicopress sleeve, but they are easily affixed with a wrench or a socket.

Swaging Tool
I bought one of the type where you use a wrench or socket/ratchet to tighten 2 nuts. Works great and costs about $25-$30. I bought mine at Sears.

I have seen them at Lowes and Home Depot.

it was done properly when installed,you can do an adequate hack job with two nico press fittings.

Agreed on the proper swedging tool
… I think the smaller two-bolt ones are 16.95 @ West Marine… while there, check out the 1.2mm Vectran line … this is what we use.

at West Marine?
everytime I go in there I walk out with a short sleeve shirt on sale for $20,the hardware stuff on the other hand is tooo pricey compared to other marine hardware sources. I guess if you have a commercial account its ok. That Vectran is neat stuff.

Guess I have had mine longer than
I thought. 25 bucks.