Rudder Cable Swaging--Can you really swage with Vise Grips

Can you really make a reliable cable swage with vise grips as opposed to a dedicated tool?

IMO, no. Vise grips are only the right tool when you want to destroy what you are gripping.

It might work for a while but is not the same as an actual swage. Swaging is a very strong connection, and crude crimp with a vise grips doesn’t produce the same effect. You should just buy a tool and do it the right way. Potentially having a failure because you cut a corner in order to save a few bucks just doesn’t seem worth it.

Agreed. If you don’t want to buy the tool, marine suppliers can generally swage cables for you.

What they said.

Tool is cheap and forms swage properly.

Even a good hardware store can do it. If there is any left.

More than I paid but it’s handy to have.