Rudder cable tube broken

I have a Feelfree Lure 13.5. I started to install the Feelfree Beaver Tail rudder kit and discovered that one of the rudder cable tubes is broken, disconnected or missing. The Lure has no access hatch. How can I re-attach or replace the cable tube? ( I have installed the rudder kit on two other Lures so I understand the process.)

Thank you again Dale South. It worked. The tube was disconnected at the front. I removed the rod holder and the front tube nipple. Used a short piece of wire with a hook to fish the broken tube up through the rod holder opening. Took a long piece of 16 gauge wire and put a small sharp hook in the end of the wire then pushed the hooked end into the front tube opening and over to the rod holder opening and fished it out along side of the broken tube. I put the hooked end of the wire into the end of the tube and got the hook to bite the inside of the tube. I then pulled the tube and the wire out the stern end of the boat. Then I hooked the wire on to the new tube (.170 x 1/4 tubing from Lowe’s) pulled the new tube all the way through, stretched it tight and secured it with the nipples.