Rudder Cable

Do rudder cables need to be stainless steel, or will galvanized cables hold up? The application is for a tiller-operated over-stern rudder in an ICF K-1. If stainless in the length I need (feet to stern) was readily available, I would not be asking, but it has not been easy to find in local hardware and bike shops. Hopefully a source for the cable also has those brass cylinder cable stops with the set screw, which is preferred over the crimp fasteners.
Has SS cable. Don’t use anything else, you’ll be changing it soon.

I wouldn’t use galvanized
they will rust up way before the stainless does.

Give Steve at QCC a call, and he can tell you where to get the stainless ones.

I am pretty sure I have some of the brass barrells with the set screw.

I’ll take a look and if I have them, I’ll bring them to the Yadkin race.