Rudder cables & tubes

I’m retrofitting one of my 'yaks with a rudder and I’m in need of a source (online or local to Boston) for rudder cables, the cable tubing, and cable crimps/swedges. (I obtained an appropriate rudder and uphaul/downhaul assembly rather inexpensively via e-bay.)

I recently purchased a new, but older model, Hurricane Aqua Sports Tracer. The newer models come with a skeg installed as the Tracer needs tracking assistance in following/quatering winds and wavers. My options were buy a skeg kit and install it, or install a rudder. As I need to do this myself (my do-it-yourself skills, tools, and workspace a very limited) and can’t afford to spend a lot of money, I’ve opted to install a rudder (mainly because I don’t want to cut an 11" long slot in the hull, and the boat came with a Stainless Steel rudder gudgeon installed).

Check the NSPN site.
I answered this for you there.

Also try…
West Marine or Boater’s World. Or probably any marine outfitter.

I had to replace my rudder cables last summer after one broke. I found that stainless steel fishing leaders worked great. They were cheaper than buying regular SS cable and had a higher weight rating. (I’m guessing the weight rating applied to how strong the leader was for fishing. Doesn’t really apply to kayak rudders but good to rate the strength.) They also had the crimps for the ends of the cable, the small hoops to make a loop, and even heat shrink tubes to make it look neat.


crimping tool
from Bass Pro shops , you can get it mail order or online , while it is the one for riggin fishin lines it works great for yak cables an cost me 7$ , you could also try a marine supply place or a fishin shop . I also use the fishin crimps as oppossed to the crimps from the dealer , cost for one is equal to pack of 12 , last as long if not longer . Good luck --enjoy ! Just in case ya don’t know or haven’t gotten instructions , ya need to put the crimp on before ya put er thru the rudder slide an the attachment pc. on the rudder it is then feed thru the crimp paraell to the line .

As stated West Marine has cable.
Hardware store has tubing for connecting an icemaker that works well, make sure you get the stiffer plastic tubing (usually translucent) not the soft clear stuff.



Thanks to all for the suggestions! It would have never occured to me to check plumbing supply stores for the tubing or fishing tackle shops for the cable and crimping supplies.