rudder cables

I replaced the foot steering system on my CD extreme to a smart track; kept the original CD rudder. The cable runs the entire back half of the boat, and sits inside a channel built into the top-bottom assembly seam. The cable as I recall is larger D than the original and worked quite well for a while.

Now it is binding up, either from rust or debris, and I cannot move the rudder from the foot pegs. The rudder moves fine on it’s own, as do the foot pegs.

What is the best method for lubricating the cable channel, OR can the cable be replaced with spectra or a higher grade; smaller diameter cable, and where would a person obtain it/them?

Also, do I need to clean or lube the smart track foot peg pivot axle?

Any other smart track maintenance advice?

Thanks !

Can’t help you with the CD channels…
but yes on lubricating the Smart track toe pedals.

I usually do ours once or twice a year with a spray silicon lube.

Jack L

leave the rudder up
As I remember that boat handles just great without the rudder, might just leave it up, don’t need it.

Bill H.