Rudder - DIY please help !


I have just bought a Cobra Expedition and didn’t buy the rudder kit.

I am quite handy and have a full workshop available with all wood and metal tools/equipment (mate works in a high school teaching wood-metalwork/‘shop’ I think you call it in the USA?).

Anyway if anyone has any photographs or schematics/dimensions of the rudder, the lines and the foot-pedal set up I would like to have a go at making a rudder setup for my sot.

I am planning on using Dyneema for the lines and buying a small plastic pulley from a boat chandlers. I have some aluminium for the rudder and for the other parts.

Let me know if you can help - I can provide an email address that will take large images if you contact me…

Many thanks in anticipation.



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Article with pictures for SOT Rudder installation......


No Plans, But…
This page

has the description and photos of a DIY rudder by Kurt Maurer. It’s a fine looking piece of work and the photos & description give you an idea of how to construct it. From what I know of Kurt (admittedly not much), he probably didn’t go with plans, just figgered it put as he went - Texas Style.

Thanks - the pics really help - guess I have a choice of material for building with now.

The foot pedals threw me a bit and I didn’t realise that the rudder had to be able to be flipped down as well as up … live and learn.

Might get round to picking up the pieces and having a go this weekend - but spring tides so will be out diving more than likely…


rudder problem
Returning to an old topic,

I want to add a rudder to my Carolina for a trip down the Colorado River.

Making the actual rudder is simple, like the original poster, I have the tools and skills to easily make the rudder and swivel assembly…


…it is the foot controls that are giving me problems.

All the vids and sites focus on the actual rudder and ignore how to turn the bloody thing!

My foot-rails are locked and not the sliding kind you find in boats with rudders which implies that I must BUY the rails and replace my existing foot rails with the new one and there goes the savings.

Thoughts, Ideas, suggestions, references?