Rudder Doo-Hickey?

I pulled wife’s Wilderness System Tsunami 120 to clean it up, Amour-All it, etc. It has The Blade tracking system rudder that can be raised and lowered by pulling on the cable on the right side of the boat. There was two handles, knobs, whatever you call them, slide one foward rudder drops down, slide other foward rudder comes out of water. You guys know what I’m talking about. Anyway, they basically just crumbled into dust and I’m looking for replacements. Any info on where to look would help, or even what to call the damn things. Thanks.

Turtle line. Go to Wilderness Systems and check their parts section.

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I did, that part wasn’t on the page. They had all the parts and pieces for a kayak without a rudder.

Try top kayaker

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Yeah, just ordered the part I needed, Turtle Liftline. Thanks for the responses, fellow kayak-monkeys.


I’m pretty sure the technical term for it is a thingamabob.

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That sort of levity is inappropriate when the OP is looking for a part. The correct technical term is a Filmore Draspigator (small).

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I agree, I think levity is ALWAYS inappropriate and anyone found to be engaging in levity should be taken out and horse whipped.

Oddly enough, I believe NRS carries horsewhips.