Rudder for a Tsunami?

I have a WS Tsunami 140 and am considering getting a rudder for it. Does any one recommend one brand over another? Or should I stick with the Wilderness Systems rudder?

Thanks for your suggestions.

stick with this one for EZ fit and operation.

you may consider different sliders tho, maybe Prijon or ? (gas pedal style)


I like the SmartTrack
The Wilderness Rudder is nice because it fits the boat and is a clean install - Flatpick is right.

However, I use my Tsunami in places that I needed to be able to use my foot braces without them moving (strong river current), so I opted for the SmartTrack.

The SmartTrack has a fixed foot brace and a smaller movable pedal to control the rudder.

A couple of things about the SmartTrack. When in the up position, it does not sit as cleanly on the deck as the stock rudder, it sticks up because it mounts on a different bracket and is spring loaded. The installation, while not impossible, did take a bit of work.

There are lots of instructions and if you read the SmartTrack reviews here, people have some tips for installs.

What do I think? Well, since this is the only rudder I’ve had on my boat, so I have nothing else to compare it to, it works like a rudder! I really like the dual foot brace option as there are lots of times I’m using the foot braces for boat control.

I am not sure about the sticking up rudder. If your boat gets deck side down (who me?) the rudder got bashed in the sand.

is there some clever way
to add a fixed set of additional foot braces to the WS rudder system? that would be ideal

along with Flatpicks remarks
His comments about changing the footrails would address the biggest complaint I have with the rudder controls on the two boats I own with rudders. The pedals move when you press on them. That’s fine if you want to turn that way, but when you want to go straight you have to press both sides equally, which make it hard (for me) to have good forward stroke form.

Rudder controls like these might be incorporated with the WS rudder to give you a great system.

Sea Dog or Prijon and I think you can still get Kajaksport footbraces with the gas pedal style footpads. a bit harder to adjust but worthg it for someone who wants fixed pegs!


Thanks everyone…
THANKS for all the advice. I know the Kayak Centre in RI is having their demo day this weekend and they have everything on sale…just might be the right time to get that rudder!

stop by and say HI
I’m at the Wildy booth!