Rudder for Foster Legend?

Got this Nigel Foster Legend Sea Kayak from one of the sponsors of our relay team and have an issue with it.

The guy that was supposed to paddle the boat bailed because he wasn’t able to overcame stability, so I took over the task and after few months of paddling I now Im able to go out there in Puget Sound in light chop for few hours and cover 10+miles

I see the learning curve is working and I’m looking forward to fall paddles, but what I have problems with is the steering or keeping the course; against the waves or with them is nice, but if I just go 10-15 degree off the boat just turns.

Any way I can install a rudder on Foster? I was told at local shop that I can not because the boat is not designed for it. Any advice here?

I have a skillful buddy on the team that can do this for free; just what kit can I use, and if this is not going to screw the boat.

Make sure the skeg is working…
And then get some instruction…

Rudder for Foster Legend?
Does not have a skeg

Never seen one without a skeg.
Are you certain is is a Legend?

Back to your original question you can put a rudder on any boat you just need the right parts and skills and tools. I imagine the shop didn’t want to do it because they do not have a skill boat repair man there. Or maybe they did not want the word to get around town that they put a rudder on a Legend.

I’d do it for you but you’d have to promise not to tell anyone I did it. :slight_smile:

Duckworks has all the parts you need.

Rudder is EZ to install on this boat.
see email

I’ve only seen one of your rudder kits installed and it appeared to be the best designed rudder I have seen. I wondered if you are seeing more people going to boats with rudders, because it seems like things are going the other way towards skegs.

Specialty order?

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Same as Frank, never seen a Foster boat without a (OOPS - later update) skeg. Any model.

Is this some kind of custom job? If so, it could have been specifically designed for racing, might have different accommodations for a rudder than a normal Foster boat.

Rudder for Foster Legend?
I’ll be home next week and post some detail pictures.

As I checked on Foster’s site, all boats there have either skag or a rudder, also key hole entrance; mine is the old style and hard to get into.

Thank’s guys for advice!

OPS I meant skeg
Never seen a Foster boat without a SKEG.

Me bad.

Just to ask a silly question, does the boat maybe have a skeg box but the skeg is gone? I apologize if this one is too simple - I am just finding the idea of a skegless Foster boat odd.

The cockpit - do you mean it has an ocean cockpit? Yes to photos… the mystery deepens.

The mystery…
…I’ll bet it’s a Vyneck.

Description of the Vyneck
If I were to grab an older Foster kayak for racing this one would look interesting - here’s a link to info on it. I bet it is, the behavior described by the OPer is more usually associated with the Silhouette than the Legend.

The ocean cockpit is the smoking gun
…and I’ll go so far as to bet it’s this very boat…

Skegless Legends . .
. . do happen. Seaward lists one that was custom made in their current inventory.

Or not…
…just spotted the logo on the bow…but I’m still sayin’ Vyneck…GIVE US PICS !!!

…ocean cockpit ???

Vyneck it is, just checked
Well, still need a rudder!

Suggestions on kits?

Since I’m not “perky member” photos are here:

Rudder for Foster Legend?
Blackboat, I think you are right; Vynack it is!

Still need a rudder, any suggestions?

Since I’m not a “perky” member pics are here:

Superior Kayaks skeg kit…
…just as easy to install, less expensive, and FAR less blasphemous than a rudder.

Vyneck rudder
Hi, I have a Vyneck fitted with a rudder. It has also had a cockpit modification, although the shaping of the deck indicates that the boat was originally formed to accommodate an ocean cockpit. The boat was manufactured by Gaybo in the UK, although I don’t know year of manufacture. I was unaware of the significance of the boat when I purchased it, and unfortunately didn’t really ask enough questions of the seller.

It has certainly attracted a lot of comments!

I’m afraid that I’m new to this forum - have just signed up so that I could share this info with you.

Hope this is of some use.

Rudder on vyneck
Hi, I have tried to reply previously. I have a Vyneck with a rudder fitted (prior to me acquiring it). Happy to email pics if you can provide an email address.