Rudder for Perception Scimitar??

Need to add a rudder to a old plastic Scimitar. I have installed dozens of rudders onto recent model kayaks. Is there a kit or parts for the Scimitar’s square stern? I suspect most Confluence rudder kits will accomodate everything but the pivot pin yoke.

Who is the best source these days for rudder kits?


Old CT North Cove Outfitters Boat Doctor

try Feathercraft

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Take at look at the selection at Feathercraft. Besides making state of the art folding kayaks they also make an excellent range of rudder kits and components for hardshells with a range of mounting options.

BTW, I've got a Scimitar too (with rudder) in my "fleet". Raspberry with yellow and black pinstripes and those unique hatch covers.

mid-90s Perceptions

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It's been awhile since I've seen/sold a Scimitar, but a lot of the mid 90s Perceptions required an aluminum cuff that was attached to the boat with sheet metal screws or pop rivets. The rudder assembly was then attached to the cuff.

They haven't used that system in a long time, and with the sale to Confluence, who knows what old parts went with them. Best bet might be to check with some shops that have been selling Perception for a long time, and see if they have an old Aqua-terra rudder kit collecting dust. Anyone who sold the line then will know exactly what you're talking about, since the assembly was common to pretty much every boat in the line.