Rudder installation

I a trying to mount my new Smart Track rudder on my CLC West River 18. I did the end pour, the swivel pin will be inside the hull, mounted the foot pegs, picked up some tubing to run the cable through. I’m ready to drill the hole for the rudder box pin. So what keeps the pin from “walking up” out of the hole? I have heard of using a washer. I don’t like that idea much. I have also heard of fixing the pin and allowing the tiller to rotate on the pin, dont like that either. Any information would help. I’m training this weekend and a rudder sure would help.

I just looked at mine on my QCC
The pin is quite long with an eye on the top.

There is absolutely nothing on the bottom to hold it in.

It is held down by the cables, and is so long that I cannot visualize it ever coming up.

Why not call them up?

One of the tracks on my wife’s broke and they were fantastic in their follow up response.



For short-pin rudders
the usual way to keep them in place is via a retention screw. Imagine a stack of standard flat washers slightly thicker than the rudders tiller plate. The stack is then topped off with a larger diameter “fender” washer. The whole assy is screwed into a threaded hole located an appropriate distance from the radius of the tiller plate.

A picture is worth a thousand words. I will send you one of my installation, but cannot snap a shot until tomorrow afternoon.


I Looked At My QCC600 and 700
Both have a long pin, about 4", the pin has a flat on top to stop travel and a keyring type ring fitted through a hole on the bottom.


Rear mounted
Maybe a rear mounted Seal line would fit better?

Take a look at this Danish page about a swap from Kajaksport Navigator to Seal Line.

Got pics
E-mail me and I can send you a couple of my Sealine installation on my QCC.


i did call
they sent me a short pin, washer and a screw. They were real good about it

Looked at the rear mount
my stern is quite thin. I would have to mount the rear mount bracket to the sides of the hull and wrap it around the stern, might work? I think I would have to fabricate a custome bracket to fit my hull shape at the stern. Thanks for the idea!

Just a question but
did you try CLC? I installed one on a Pygmy and Seal LIne said to call them for a bracket. They knew exactly what I needed and it worked fine. If nothing else get one from Pygmy. It should work on the CLC.


the washer goes on top of the rest. The screw gets screwed into your deck at the outer edge of the washer’s radius so that the head of the screw laps over the washer. This retains the assembly in the hole (as the head of the screw is holding the edge of the washer) yet allows the assembly to rotate as the washer rotates under/against the screw. A #10 stainless flat washer (ace hardware) used with the retaining screw can also give you a little more overlap onto the top of the nylon/plastic retaining washer.

will do
I will see CLC next weekend in Holland, will talk to them about it then, thanks.

saw some picts
from Jsaults. Pretty much as you describe. Will have to make some alterations to the tiller to make room for the washer.

CLC, rudder installations
those good folks are very responsive but have yet to resolve some issues on rudder installations. The sterns taper to a very narrow shape that leaves barely enough for the 3/8" wide spindle to bed into without cutting the stern down,once you do that it’s necessary to apply a substantial cap of glass over the top of the hole as the 3/8" spindle applies a lot of pressure in small area compared to a bracket mount where the spindle is secured by more metal.

I’ve done a couple rudder installations with through the deck mounts and in regular use it’s not uncommon to see cracks develop around the hole. Later on I reinforced the top of the hole with a couple layers of 11oz unidirectional carbon, basically creating a bracket around the hole.

I’m guessing that that a Sealine rudder with a top spindle mount will have less of a tendency to rip out of the stern in a bad side-surfing landing than a Feathercraft or other deck stowed rudder but if you’ve got only 4mm ply a few mm from the spindle then laying a couple layers of glass or carbon a couple inches around the spindle hole would be a good idea for rough use.