rudder kits

does anyone know the names, or websites, of any companies that offer aftermarket rudder kits?

pygmy boats sells some
Here is their website

for starters

Here is some
Yakima and Sealine

Also CLC does.

Old Town too.

Just noticed that they have their rudder kits and gas-pedal style rudder pedals on their website. They make good stuff.

not on their website. have you seen a yakima rudder??

is that spelled right? i got a totally different website for that spelling…

Sealine rudder kit
I really liked the Sealine rudder kit. Very easy to install and operate. I really like the solid foot braces compared to my old Necky Arluk one’s.I got the best price at Ruabaga’s. Their web site is:

I’ll second the Sealine from Rutabaga
I’m in the process of putting oe on my wife’s WS.


Sealline Vs. Yakima
Sealline is best rudder for a Sea Kayak you might get.

Yakima is the worst.


Sorry, I missed this question from a while back.