Rudder on a SOT fishing kayak ?

I'm wondering how useful a rudder is on a SOT fishing kayak. Useful ? Not useful ?

I'm thinking of getting a Liquid Logic Manta Ray 14. It doesn't appear that they can be easily outfitted with a rudder. Should I look at a different model ?


A rudder is very useful on a SOT kayak, especially in windy conditions, you want to be able to hold your drift in a straight line while you cast and retrieve. Without the rudder you’ll have to make corrections with the paddle and may miss the spot you want to cast to. I think you can order your Manta Ray with a rudder.

A rudder can be fitted to the MR’s, but
Liquid Logic does not sell one, at least not one listed on the website. You may want to check out concerning rudders for the MR if your dealer doesn’t carry rudders.

The rudder isn’t a steering device and isn’t necessary, but can be helpful if you have a couple hundred extra dollars around to spend for one. You can also do fine with an inexpensive drift sock if drift fishing. The rudder just makes it a bit easier.

Not a fan

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I am not a fan of rudders but they do come in handy on a fishing yak. Get toe controls if you get one. A little more but worth it.

big fan of rudders
I fish in tidal areas and take advantage of the tidal flow and wind. The rudder is indispensible in these situations. It is almost like having a trolling motor on a boat. Hands free fishing at it’s best. My kayak has one but I wish I can figure out a way to put one on my solo canoe :frowning:

If you fish in a place where working the current or wind is part of the strategy…get a rudder.

I fish from a canoe but am looking to buy mr 12 with a rudder, because when you hook up with any kind of fish that puts up a good fight, they can drag you into snags and you lose your fish. If you have a rudder you have more control over where your boat and fish is heading.

How big of fish are you hooking up with
that pull you around? Haven’t experienced that with 10-12 lb catfish. I’ve a friend who catches big gar…one that weighed 180 lbs. He heads to shore if they are too big to handle from the kayak.

get one!
I have an X-factor and the longer and higher your kayak sits in the water the more you need one… my X-factor is a barge, the thing is huge and I got a rudder installed, when I ordered it and asked for the rudder the guy told me it was the best thing to add and that I’d love it, it paddles like a dream in wind or chop whereas all others all blowing all over the place and unable to keep up… if you fish big or choppy water or in the wind you’ll be glad you got one…

I don’t have one
But most folks I know have them installed like them, especially when fishing. My brother’s tandem Pamlico 160 has a rudder and it does make things nice on a windy day, especially when paddling it solo.

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Manta Ray rudder
There are two brass screw holes on the back of my Manta Ray 14. My guess would be pre-installed rudder mounts…

That’s Funny
I was just in “Great Outdoors Provision Company” (a sporting chain in NC") just 2 hrs ago window shopping.

They had new Manta Rays with and without rudders; $200 difference in price. I assumed they were factory installed. I was just talking fish with the sales guy.

Liquid Logic now has a ruddre for
the Manta Ray.