Rudder on a Tandem?

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OK, former lurker, here. I'm really a fisherman-powerboater. Have a 19 ft center console and an Old Town Guide with Minnkota. Never considered myself a 'paddler'. Until...

Always intrigued by the sleek lines of the kayak. Last week, picked up a Wilderness Systems Pamlico 145T, good shape, for a song and dance.

I've seen some for sale which have a rudder installed. Mine has the drill-out spots for running cables. The stern has a place to fix a rudder.

My question is 'How do you rig a rudder on a tandem kayak?' Can you install a rudder so that is functional in both solo and tandem modes.

Or, do I have to choose to rudder in solo or tandem only?

If it works in both modes, will the cables need adjustments, prior to use?

Anyone have a ruddered tandem that 'goes both ways', just get in and go?

We're newbies, so have mercy. Made our first paddle last evening. Three miles, round trip. Pretty easy water, straight line. Don't know what difference a rudder would have made. We got there and back, after clonking each other with our paddles a few times.

Felt great, this morning. Why did I wait all my life to do this?

Thanks for any help.

A rudder is a rudder
The rudder in a tandem is controlled by the stern seat, so you rig the rudder to the stern seat. Make sure you have the pedals inside for controlling the rudder cables.

Don’t rush into it until you are sure
you need a rudder. I just removed the rudder from a 14.5’ touring kayak.

I guess there is no kit to rig one that can be used in both tandem and solo modes?

Wouldn’t someone always be in the stern?
Wouldn’t someone always be in the stern?

It is a somewhat poor analogy, but would you want two steering wheels on your car?