Rudder on Magic, insane?

I’ve entertained the idea of putting a rudder on my Magic such as this one on a SR canoe:

Reasons: Easier river & stream running, easier dealing with winds on lakes or just for fun.

I’d try to set it up for easy removal as I know that I wouldn’t want it on all of the time.

I may make one myself but I’d need ideas as to how it should be shaped, sized or styled. I’ve plenty of sheet metal experience but may consider making one from kevlar to lighten it up. It would probably be spring loaded to slide over underwater obstacles.

Would I be waisting my time?

go for it
There have been canoes around with rudders for along time. Besides Mr Krugers hulls there was a little manufacture up north that had them(Apple Canoes?) and The Water safari is big on them. After you get past the heckling it makes as much sense as a rudder in a kayak.


Go for it (part two)

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I am playing with a spare feathercraft rudder I have to adapt it for my canoe. A good winter project. The SR rudder looks pretty low-drag. Nice profile.
I am always remembering the two guys in Krugers I saw on the lake once. They paddled on the port side all the way down the lake, making excellent speed.
That's why I am intrigued with the idea. If I can get a low area, low drag rudder that would give me correction for one-sided paddling, it would (ideally) compensate for the lost momentum of switching sides or J-stroking. Proper paddling technique takes care of river/stream manuevering.

why not?

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It's your boat. If you want a rudder on it, do it. You can probably figure out a decent rudder system yourself, but if you want to look at some ideas, you can check out the carbon fiber rudder plans on the One Ocean Kayaks website
and could also take a look at the book "Canoe Rig."

I had to laugh at the "zero hype" statement on the Souris River website. Those guys crack me up :-)

Hmmmm DY designed the Magic such that it tracks great without a rudder… why would you put one on? I personally view rudders as toys for the gadget gurus that need to have lots of additional toys to play with. But then again… I’ve never needed a rudder even on big lake crossings.

But even though I personally think it’s pointless (for me)… it’s your boat… go at it!!!


No not insane, Mad River put a skeg

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in the Independence and I'm told it works very well. But it was discontinued because of lack of interest and was considered by the traditionalists to be unnessary and just another thing to break. It my have been just ahead of it's time. and only time will tell what the canoe of the future will look like. But for now I'll stick to simplicity. The canoe is such a simple and efficient form that is hard to improve on.

The magic is a bit of chore in the wind. Great boat but I guess due to its differential rocker it was more succeptable then the other standard solos to the wind on Long lake, Blue mountain lake, the Fulton Chain of lakes etc. If that kid paddling one had a rudder he would have flown because he was very good. I personnally don’t want one but if I did the TWS I would definitely put one in.

i love rudders
and have built several. i am curious, what kind of seating do you like? tractor seat, centered? one of the advantages i see in canoes is the ability to trim the boat by moving the weight (paddler) to correct weather or lee helm(i mean helping the boat steer toward or away from the wind by moving your ass forward or back, or shifting your weight to one side) yaks use rudders cause the paddler cant move around much. if you like sitting in one place a rudder can definitely be helpful. what about a skeg, maybe adjustable, ive done a couple of those : )

Winter issue of Kanawa Magazine
page 16 has an article on building a canoe rudder. Kind of cumbersome but it can be improved on. I already have the foot brace for the pedals. Going to try it for winter entertainment.

Thanks to all
Thanks for the info on rudders. I’ve never tried one (never been in a kayak) but would like the experience of building and using a rudder. I know that I can make it light enough as not to notice the extra weight. I just may get tired of it being there when not needed so I will make it easy to remove. I’ll probably install foot braces with tiny levers on them and make them friction mounted so feet don’t have to be on peddles at all times.

I need something to goof around with anyway.