I finally own a Epic V10 SurfSki and I use it almost exclusively for fitness paddling on a flat water lake with almost no current and very little boat traffic. It’s my first surfski and I love this boat!!! Unfortunately, there are some stumps floating in our lake … last weekend I hit such a stump … it was floating deep enough to completely clear the boat but the rudder took the full hit bending and smashing/knifing it into the hull. Well, I just finished my first fiberglass repair. I cannot wait for the paint to fully cure and get back on the water.

However, I was wondering if I could buy a spare rudder for my V10 and if I had any options to actually choose a different (smaller) rudder for the flat water conditions. Is there anybody out there that could please comment on alternative rudder options and possibly any after market providers?

Do you really need a rudder?
I used to have a 27’ single scull, and had no rudder. For the conditions you describe, maybe you could do without.

Try Onno,

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check with Pat to see if he can make something similar to what he makes for the Huki S-1R ski. A picture is on the Huki site. I saw a guy last year with a SmartTrack adapted to his V-10.


Thank you Hexslege…

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Just got done talking to another person about this two days ago.

My p-41 rudder can be adapted to the V10 or any other ski / or race kayak stern easily. This rudder also features less than one minute, changeable, skinny and deep water configurations using the same components and nothing extra. Forgot to add, rake and kick back are adjustable. Weight for complete rudder is right around 9 ounces depending on length of blade.

I know the Epic rudders are hard to get a hold of .... another option if you were able to would be to get a stock one and cut it down ..... call me if you want more info on this.

rudder will not knife into your deck. Have hit summerged objects and it kicks up but can only go so far (vertical) before it is forced to stop.