Rudder pedals, non-sliding

I’m building a tandem and looking for non-sliding rudder pedals, like gas pedal or toe pedal types. Any suggestions of suppliers? It seems Smart Track pedals are no longer available.

nice wide platforms that pivot. love em.

Foot pedals
Seaward Kayaks makes a good set of gas pedal style foot braces/ rudder pedals. Also, Sea Dog has a set that pivots like a gas pedal instead of sliding. Either of these should be much better than the sliding style. Hope this helps, good luck with your new kayak.

Cheers…Joe O’

Another choice…
Thank you.

Auston kayaks
still has some smart track rudders.

I just orderd a complete set.

They said that they had just received a shipment of them and that was about a week ago.



is also bringing in the small hatch in front of the cockpit I found so useful in the Lincoln Eggemoggin…funny each manufacturer clamims ‘new thinking’ when Lincoln has had it for years, but probably before Lincoln were the kayaks of New Zealand and Australia…as soon as Kajaksport gets this little hatch in a longer boat I’m buying one.

I did contact a US/Canadian manufactuer about incorporating it into their designs (as a hint this company has a popular Greenland style boat out now), they said they didnt think people wanted anyting between their knees (i.e. the knee tube under the mini-hatch which is funny since a lot of major expedition Kayak makers (Valley,Dennis,others, have had knee tubes as an option for years)…I’m just glad some manufacturers look at reality of the day-hatch and dont nec. copy the British style completely. Remember I was dissapointed that Prijon isnt bringing into the USA their composite boats also with this feature.

Morning Jack
Did you order for spare parts? Wonder if that would not be a good idea for me since Ive got two.

Happpy Paddling,


No, I ordered it for …
…a new kayak for Nanci.

We had to search all over the country. We found a place in Oregon that had them but then the day after we placed the order they called and said they were all out.

I have one spare side including the cable from last winter when hers broke. It was the older plastic model. Their newer models are aluminum.

If you ever need it just yell.

They are much too expensive to keep an extra one on hand.

It is a shame that no one has taken them over, but I heard their inventory was next to nothing.



Gas pedal foot pegs.
Saw your post regarding foot pegs. Prijon has been making gas pedal style footpegs for years. Pull out style pin from pivot of the pedal allows for sliding the entire foot bed up and down the track. Very straightforward and durable has been my experience with them. Your cost would be $76 incl. shipping.

Hope this helps.

Happy kayak building.

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