Rudder pedals

I have a Necky Looksha IV with rudder. It’s a good all around boat, but I will probably upgrade next year to fiberglass. I’m thinking about getting some smart trak pedals because the ones I have are pretty bad, if I use my legs to get extra power, I push on the pedals which causes the rudder to turn. I can gently apply pressure to both sides but that gets tricky.

Is it worth it to upgrade? Anyone done it? Do I need a new rudder or will the pedals work with the rudder I have?

Thanks for any insight.

Go rudderless.
That’s one of the main gripes with rudders.

By now you shouldn’t need the rudder, let the paddle and your edges do the steering much more fun.

Get the Smart Trak’s…
then you will be able to apply power to the pedals without turning. My fitness kayak (Qcc 700) has them and they work great. Paddle smarter not harder!

any pedals work with the same rudder
The pedals will have no idea what the other end of the cable is attached to.

It should be a nice upgrade for you.

Or please consider my Gas Pedal System
Remove your slider tracks but reuse the fixed rails with a mounting kit I supply and my Gas Pedal System will drop right onto those. These are night and day better than those Smart tracks.

Those are cool pedals. Looks like I have a new dilemma!